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Diwali is a festival of lights it is mostly celebrated in India. Every Indian knows the importance of Diwali in their life. Diwali is a national festival for India.

History of Diwali

People think that Diwali is only a festival of bursting crackers and sharing sweets. But it is more than that Diwali is a festival in the Hindu religion for a very long time. It is a victory against the darkness. Today all the Hindus celebrate this festival with happiness and joy.

Well according to the Hindu Michael logicalStories God name Ram killed and evil Ravan and bought her wife back to him. Ravan was a very crucial person he used to bother everyone and without any reason, he used to punish the innocent.

Sharing Happiness

On this particular day, everyone is happy and makes the whole family even happier. All the people who stay away from their home visit back to their home at this festival. Even the relatives who were not in contact also reach you on this joyful day.

Have people shared sweets with their neighbors and family members? I and even a few people share their happiness with the kids of orphanage. This makes them feel special and even happier than anything. Well, this is a noble cause to do and the festival Diwali is a symbol of happiness.

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Students Fun

In the Diwali festival with the kids in the house have a full fun duration. Because this is the time when they have their holidays and they can visit their relatives for the festival of Diwali.

It is fun to be with her relatives and her cousin brothers and sisters in the festival of Diwali. Children get sweets to eat at this festival and even so many different gifts from the elders.

Children wait for this particular festival to come because it is not only a common festival it is a way to share your happiness with each other. And kids are very much happy to share their happiness with other friends.

Crackers in Diwali

In Diwali, everyone bursts backers on the road. Well, it is a way to show your happiness but there is something else which we need to consider before doing so.

We should understand that the factors which we are burning are not causing much air-pollution. The crackers which we are bursting in the area is there any kind of hospital or a new-born baby.

Even the elders face so many problems because of these crackers. They have to close all the windows and doors on the festival of Diwali to just be safe from the practice sound.

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We as youth have to understand the problem of their age. We should at least make sure that they are not getting trouble because of the practice we are bursting in the area.

Well, we should not cost more crackers because it also causes air pollution which is also very much harmful to everyone. And mostly the kids and elders face so many problems because of air pollution.

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