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The discovering Hero Within Myself

Well, a hero is an unsung person who is brave and carries out extraordinary deeds. The hero cannot define that there should be compulsory a boy. The hero can be both a girl and a boy.

The hero may do not look hero from outside. We cannot wear heroic clothes as shown in the comics or the movies. The only thing is that everyone is a hero for every needy or helpless person in the world. The hero is unbiased towards their age, gender, religion, etc.

The hero is the person who is the idol of someone by their quality or skills. The hero is the person who we see as our military soldier who is protecting our borders. The basic ethics of human is that they should help the person who needs help.

While discovering a hero within myself is what I like to do. We should never hurt anybody. Even you should never be proud of things that are in your favor.

This does not mean that I will leave the thing which is required for the future to become a hero. Everything is important in life even helping someone is important.

I would always try to help everyone who is needed for help. Due to this, I will get a chance to come out as a hero for others and let me be someone’s idol.

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Great does not mean great; great always means form the small deed you have done for the societies. There should never be an expectation after doing something good.

Internal is you can build stronger than external. But important is how you deal during the circumstances you face the problem/pressure is the most important thing.

Every obstacle I faced I see the positive side due to that it makes me easy to find the solution of the question.  When I fight with the reality of the society or has the social issue the world fight back to me, but I have a solution is that when I create the harmony which is the easiest way to make world towards myself. As Chaitanya Charan once said,” See pain as a protector and a pointer.

” The best way you can be the hero is that you should be left yourself for someone needy.  In this world those who love aren’t fooled, it is because you have needed them during the dark period of their life. They always remember you when you feel ugly; they are a beauty when you are broken.

There are personalities like Lord Krishna who was the unsung hero for the Pandavas during the battle. The hero within means is meant to be like which does not want fame and status for what I have done. I love to encourage people in doing the correct decision in life.

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I just help the people to get the path of success in their life. The hero is a very strong word; the hero can help the person to build their personality and become good for society. While becoming a hero dreamt is that there should be peace in the world, and does not have any cruelty.

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