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Everyone wants happiness, prosperity, and wishes for a happy life, but all this is possible only with his best determination. Our thoughts should be positive to be determined.

It is also said in the Vedas that our mind should always be auspicious. Therefore, it is our duty to pray with full determination power for the betterment of our entire life.

Value of Determination in a Successful Life

Everybody wants to go on the path of success in life, so let’s keep these things in mind today, To become successful in life a person should be fully determined.

Determined people’s conduct is elevated for success. No person becomes great by conduct, not from birth.

This is absolutely correct. Look at the introduction of the life of any great or successful person. The person may not have been born in a poor house from birth, but the way he becomes determined for success and even after getting thousands of success.

There is not even a little arrogance in the conduct, that is, he keeps a sense of humbleness towards everyone, so it is said that no person becomes great by birth but by conduct.

Determination of Going Forward

Every one of us wants to succeed and go to the top, but we all try so hard to get to the top, but if we want to go to the top of success, then we have to think a little further than that. We do not have to do much, just keep strong determination of achieving anything and then we can definitely go ahead for success.

Keep Determination Focused on Time

People often say that we did not get the time to prepare as much as was asked in the exam, but in the same year there is one in your class who tops the whole class, so just think, there is an equal opportunity available for everyone.

People who are sensible, they use the time properly, others seek an excuse for not getting time, just the day we all stop looking for excuses, just from the day we walk on the path of determination.

Never Be Negative

Never think negative in life nor take advises of negative people, they will just lead you down. But if you see a successful person, then it will definitely be known that such people, regardless of the people, only see their goal and keep trying thousands to achieve their goal.

Successfully people are very determined and are always positive. If you have determination you will surely think positively.


Determined people never start their work from tomorrow, but they start it from today itself. Often people want to get success and do a lot of planning for it, but what does it say in the end, let’s start with it tomorrow, but what time does it go fast and it never comes tomorrow?

If you want to be successful, then you stop postponing any work tomorrow, keep determination in today, whatever your goals have been made, start achieving it from today, then see who can stop you from being successful. To be successful and to achieve every goal in life, always stay determined.

Updated: March 24, 2020 — 7:09 am

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