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Deer are the animal that is being from the past mostly in the past their found in the south and North America. Deers are the four leg animals who have different types of patches on their body.

From the past years, deer are mostly hunted by the people who live in the forest such as at the time of the stone age people at that time used to hunt deer to eat them for their survival.

Not in the past but the hunting of the deer is also being done now, but its hunting has also become illegal. The people in the past used to hunt deer from the bow and arrows and nowadays the people who kill the deer with modern guns and this hunting has become illegal and can cause a great penalty for the hunter.

Types And Species Of Deer

They are almost three types of Deer present in the world they are whitetail deer, mule deer, and the third type is blacktail deer. Among these three types of beers, the whitetail deer is the most popular beer in the world.

These whitetail deer have found plenty in many of the countries, and it is also found in many different species of the whitetail deer such as they are Northeastern whitetail, Southeastern whitetail, Texas whitetail, northwestern whitetail, and the key whitetail are some of the species of whitetail deer.

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The mule deer has mostly two types of species they are Rocky Mountain mule and the desert mule. The third type of the deer is the blacktail deer, and it also has two species they are Sitka blacktail deer and Colombia blacktail deer. In the different types of these deer species mostly the whitetail deer species are spread most among all the countries with a huge in number.

The whitetail deer is also found in India with great numbers. The breeding process of the deer is called a rut and while they are in the rutting process they only thing of breeding.

Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is the process to hunt and kill the deer, and it has been a sport in the past ancient times. But in today’s world hunting a deer has become a crime and if a deer is hunted the hunter is to get a penalty for hunting a deer.

Many cases of hunting of the animals that have been coming into existence and mostly the animal deer hunting has come into existence.

Mostly the white-tailed deer are being hunted, and they become very less among all the countries from the past. In India, the deer hunting is banned, and if Hunter has been caught then there are many cases that will be filed on him for the hunting of Deer, and he will get a penalty for it.

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Not only in India but the hunting of Deer is banned in some of the countries, but in some of the countries, it has also been played as a sport.

People should stop the hunting of the deer as they are becoming less in this world and they should be not hunted and be given their area to live their life.

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