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As nature has a different scheme for the production of colors so we can say that nature is the mother of Color. Without color, our mother nature would not seem as lovely it seems with colors.

Colors play an essential and unique role in every people’s life at every stage. Colors possess the ability to evoke emotions. When something has no color, it is called as transparent

Types Of Colours

Mainly the colors are divided into three parts. Primary, secondary and tertiary. One can find these colors easily on a color wheel.

 Red, Yellow and Blue colors come under Primary colors. In Secondary Green, Orange and Purple colors come while in Tertiary Yellow-Orange, Red-Orange, Red-Purple, Blue-Purple, Blue-Green, and Yellow-Green come.

Primary Colors

Primary colors are the basic colors of all. By mixing hues, one cannot create basic colors. In simple words, we can say that red, yellow, and blue color are the building blocks of all other colors.

Secondary Colors

By the combination of Primary colors, we get the Secondary colors.

Tertiary Color

Another name for tertiary is the standard color.  When we mix Primary, Secondary together we get a standard color.

The primary subtypes of colors we find on the Color wheel. The forms are Analogous, Monochromatic, Neutral, Complementary, Neutral.

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Properties Of Colors

Intensity, Saturation, and Hue are the properties of Colors.

Importance Of Color

Colors play s vital role in the art of living. Colors can change ones thought, action. Sometimes it can relax one’s eye. Humans every part of life is related to colors.

Colors are the sign used for Happiness, Confidence, Sadness, Anger. As in Indian culture, Black color symbolizes of evil happening. Colors also possess the capability of the most important communication tool.

Uses Of Colors

Colors are used in every aspect of life. Without color, every creature of the planet will be in a Monochrome. Here are some basic applications of colors Cosmetics, Painting, Decoration, Food 

The astrologers say even Colors are remarkable from their point of view. They say some plant emits a cosmic ray which has a high impact on health and prosperity. Color therapy is a treatment which cures psychological treatment.

Meaning Of Colors

Every color posses different sense with them. For example, if we ask why advocate wear black color dress and doctors wear white, so the answer is, as we all know that advocates have to solve severe issues in their profession so here black color denotes seriousness and about doctors have to remain calm all time, so they wear white here white signifies calmness.

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In olden days, people possess respect lot for the meaning of color. Red color denotes the intensity of Love; White denotes the color of Purity and Calmness, Green color indicates Growth, Blue defines Stability. In the same way different color sign different meaning.


For the new generation, there is no space for the meaning of colors; they create fashion in their sense with different colors.

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