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As we have developed by time, crime has also grown in the country. There are many people between us who give rise to one or another crime. Among so many evil activities, there one comes as Child labor.

What It Is

Many children work as labor in many fields. To do this, sometimes they are forced by their parents or by the owner of the work. To stop this crime one has to come forward and take steps against it because every child deserves childhood as their legal right.

We see children under 14 years of age are working in hotels; even we find many children working as a maid/servant in the houses of rich people.

Cause Of Child Labor

India is one of the developing countries where many families come under BPL(Below Poverty Line). There are many causes of child labor, but among all of them, the primary reason found was Poverty. Poverty can make anyone do any crime.

Here poor people don’t have enough money to do family planning, and when children take birth, they are not able to give them proper facilities. To earn for the livelihood parents send their children to work in tea still, hotels, as a house servant/maid, industry, etc.

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In a remote area along with poverty, we also find a lack of school is one of the cause. Wherever we see the violating of laws are also is the cause for the same.


Child labor is a crime which one has to take a measure from them itself. The government needs to set up free of cost education for those family who don’t have enough money to send their children to school.

The NGOs of the countries should work more effectively to stop the crime. The priority as a solution must be given to social awareness as there are many poor parents, who think that sending a child to school is a wastage of money and time. They believe, in spite of sending them to school, they should send their children to earn money it will help in their livelihood.

The government should also pass the strict laws and punishment for the criminal who forces the child to work for them. Parents should get aware of their responsibilities for their children. If they don’t have enough money to send children to the big school no problem they can send children to the municipal school which is free of cost. Even this school offers rice and dal to the children without charging any money.

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The government should increase employment for the poor with good wages so that they can earn for their families and run their livelihood.  The education of family planning should be given to the illiterate low-income family.


Children are those flowers to whom if we take care can give us a beautiful aroma. If we take care of children and if we educate them in the right way they can be our nation’s future. They can change the world. One should strictly stand against Child Labor. 

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