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Bangalore is a part of India. Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka. It is also referred to as Bengaluru. Bangalore is a very Porsche area of our country where10 million people live there.

It is situated in the southern part of our India. Bangalore is the third most populated city in our country.

It is a very developed city as it as many industries, many technical institute research centers and with many talented people present there. It is a nation-leading city in IT. Bangalore is a major metropolitan city.

As there are many technical institute research centers and it is a developed country, so there are also many means of transport facilities in Bangalore, because of this there are many traffic problems in the city.

The traffic problem has caused a major effect on the city.

Bangalore Traffic Problems

As Bangalore has many institutes and many talented people lives there, and as it is also a metropolitan city, so there are many problems with traffic. This traffic problem leads to a major traffic jam that cannot get resolved up to 4-5 hrs a day.

This traffic problem is getting very much serious after day by day, there are many high volumes of vehicles and inadequate infrastructure, and this irrational distribution of the development can cause the increase in the traffic jam in this city.

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The main reason for the traffic has been causing because many people live there as there is more population in the city because of more population more vehicles that run through the road that causes traffic jams.

People from the city like to travel from vehicles as it is a running city in our country so because of this vehicles pollution causes.

Causes Due To Traffic Jams

As Bangalore has many huge buildings and many of the buildings that are also built at the roadside, in these roadside buildings many people live there and because of this traffic jams the pollution causes that can harm the people living there. Many small children who live there can get affected.

This traffic leads to about 5-6 hrs to resolve, by this time the pollution from the vehicles and the noise of horns and all that things could get the effect on the people living there.

This daily traffic problem could get an effect on their health.

How Traffic Problem Can Get Solved

As Bangalore is our leading country, the government should take some responsibility for the health and safety of the people there. The government should take some action on the major traffic problem.

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Not only in Bangalore but this problem of traffic is everywhere in the country, and it has become a major problem for the people to live in society.

A government should get some proper signals that can help the drivers, and all the people of the city should follow the signals and the rules that are made by the government.

To keep a city clean the traffic problem should be get solved as their will be no pollution and no major problems that could affect the city.

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