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Essay On A Fire Accident

A fire or ‘aag’ in Hindi is made by a chemical reaction that emits heat and light. This fire is made of a chemical reaction of the oxidation process.

Fire is a thing which is very useful and as well as it is also a very dangerous thing. It is useful for the people for cooking and as well as also in many things, but it is also dangerous as it can destroy the big land area within a second.

Fire can be made through many things as in ancient times people use to light a fire by rubbing two stones with each other for so many times, and this friction of the stones causes a fire. Now people can light a fire by matchsticks.

Fire is very much harmful to the people as when it takes on any people it burns the skin and the people leads to dying.

 A Fire Accident

When there is a fire accident takes place people should not get panic should deal with the situation calmly. They should alert all the people about the fire.

People should try to rescue the nearby people and animals, If someone had got in contact with the five other people should get blankets and put on them so by this, the fire could get off from the people.

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There should be no place kept open for the air to pass on close all the doors and if there is smoke in the corridors of their building, then they should stay in their homes.

A continue splashing of water should be put on the fire to calm it down. If there is an available fire extinguisher, then people should use it on fire.

At last if fire it getting more then they should call the fire brigade. If our neighbors got fire, we should help them and provide first aid.

When the fire brigade arrives, we should listen to their instructions properly. At recent, there are many cases that have been seen of these fire accidents.


There is also much prevention to control fire as when there is fire in a building or locality and if it is a normal fire we should try to stop the fire by pouring water on it or if the fire gets too big then we should call the fire brigade these firefighters are trained perfectly to deal with these situations.

We should keep away petrol, kerosene from the reach of fire. Another method of prevention is that when people go at the petroleum station, they should not smoke as the small cigarette can also get reach into petrol, and this can get into a big explosion.

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We should not lit a fire at the areas where there are more trees as trees catch fire quickly and if the fire is lit in the forest areas, it could burn all the area within a second of time.

So the best prevention from the fire is that we should not be in the reach of the fire and maintain much distance from it.

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