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We all are very much aware of the sacrifices done by our ancestors to just three of our countries. We can never forget the bravery and the dedication to free our nation by the freedom fighters of our country.

When is Independence Day

The first question whoever listens about Independence Day comes in his mind. Well, Independence Day is on 15th August every year. Well, now you must be thinking why it is done every year well we got independence in the year 1947.

But we celebrate Independence Day every year on 15th August this is a tribute to all the freedom fighters who fought against the Britishers. And sacrificed their lives to see free India for the future and today after so many years we are free just because of them.

We can never return the favor but we can at least show respect for their sacrifices. If they would also have been selfish like us would we ever got the freedom. Well, the answer is completely now and this is the only reason that we are living in free air today.

Growth of India

After independence India was left with nothing there were so many problems to face and so many problems were waiting to come in front of us. With the greatest population in the world managing the whole country in one single rule was a very tough job to do.

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Even today there are so many places where we can’t reach. And this is the reason that the growth of India is a little bit slower than the other countries. We Indians know that we are having difficulties to manage our growth.

But we are very much sure that with the talent and confidence which we have in our self we can do anything. Today the world is growing faster than anything but the country which is running with the world and with the culture in it is only India. We never make anyone slave of us we always respect each and every person.

Britishers Ruling

If we look at the history Britishers ruled India for more than 200 years nobody can even imagine how long it was to be a slave of someone from another country. Indians were cheated by the Britishers when Britishers came to India they were supposed to do business.

But slowly they started rolling us and we were trusting them with all our knowledge. We as Indians have this problem with us to trust anyone and after that, we get cheated from them. But we don’t have any grudges for them we forgive them every time.

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Even after ruling for more than 200 years capturing the whole India killing millions of Indians citizens we Indians find away. To fight against them in the nonviolence method what else could you say about this.

You can be a part of a very great country and you can always be proud of it. So let’s make our country more proud and a beautiful place to live in.

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