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Hyderabad is a very big city. Hyderabad was found in the year of 1591 by fifth Qutb Shahi ruler Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, and the size of Hyderabad city is about 650 square kilometers.


Hyderabad was the capital of Andhra Pradesh now after the division of the state, it is the capital of the newly formed state of Telangana. The Hyderabad city is twinned with Secunderabad which is separated by Hussain Sagar.

In Hyderabad city it has an estimated population of around 8 million, making it 4th largest city in India, while the population of the metropolitan area was estimated above 9 million. And its well-founded reputation as one of the safest cities in the world. Crime rates are very low in this city, and the streets are safe to walk at any time of the day or night.

Religions and languages 

Hyderabad is a religious and cultural city. The city is united with Hindus, Muslims, and Christians and there are different kinds of people with different kinds of religion, language, dress up, etc. there are some common religions in Hyderabad like Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, and Sikhism.

Hindi, Urdu, English, Telugu are mainly spoken languages in Hyderabad and English is spoken among the educated people, and Telugu spoken here has a few words of Urdu mixed in it.

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There is also a unique language which is called Hyderabad Urdu it comes from Urdu mixed with Telugu and Farsi, then its rise to a new dialect Hyderabad Urdu. Telugu varies across the state, but the language remains the same.


The Hyderabad climate is hot, wet and dry. The rainy season is from late June until late October on average, 32 inches of rain falls on the city each year.

On 2 June 1966, the highest temperature is recorded was 51.5° C (113.9° F). And the lowest recorded temperature was 1.1° C (43° F) on 8 January 1946. And it is cooler in the evenings and mornings because the city is high above sea level.


Hyderabad is has a population of over four million. Muslims are 40% of the population while the Hindus from the majority. The Muslim community of Hyderabad is the largest in Telangana.

Muslims are mainly located in and around the old city. In a city, there is a small number of Christians. Famous churches include those around abides and secunderabad like St. Josephs Cathedral.

Art And Culture

yHyderabadhasa lot to offer when it comes to art and culture. It has a mixed culture because of the mixing with the north.

They celebrate many festivals such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Bonalu, Eid and other festivals. And also has a hub of entertainment and the Telugu film industry is very big.

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They have a modern lifestyle, and the youth are educated. The city is also famous for the pomes and the poems and the poetic symposia, known as mushairas — the extremely famous paintings of Deccan paintings which are famous across the world. The foods here are also very famous, and the people are crazy over the Hyderabad biryani. Hyderabad has a cultural milieu and is a brilliant city.


Finally, I would like to conclude that Hyderabad is a paradise for everything and every individual should visit this place.

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