Essay On Discipline In English For Students & Children

Discipline is said as the act of keeping our body, mind, and Soul in our control and to do all the works in the perfect and right manner.

Discipline is value that we have taught to us by our parents from our childhood, and it is very useful through all our life as it helps is in all our path such as it also helps in students life when they go to school it helps in the office when people go for job there is discipline needed in them to work on it as discipline is very much needed in all part of our life.

Discipline is a very good thing as it has nothing wrong in it and it builds a proper character of a people it gives the strength and Unity to the people when they are disciplined with one another.

There are many examples a disciplined man can give to the other persons when the student in a class is discipline he can set an example for the other students to get disciplined and by seeing him the whole class can become disciplined.

Importance Of Discipline In Life

As it is said that excellence is a journey and discipline is its vehicle it is true as every discipline man could be able to live his life easy without any problems and to achieve his success easily.

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Discipline man can be able to do all the things to achieve his goal as there are many situations for his goals are very difficult to do but he can achieve all the things in his life when he is discipline as he is not afraid of anything in his life like a soldier when a soldier is disciplined he can set an example for the other soldiers who are indisciplined.

This discipline is also involved in the life of students as if the students are not disciplined they will not be able to learn themselves, and the purpose of the education will be defeated.

And also if there is no discipline in the family, all the members of a family will go their own way, and then there will be no peace and order in the family.

Mostly the soldiers in the past are very much discipline, and also they obey the orders of their kings, and this value of discipline has come from the past, and it is transferred to their young ones and the discipline is very much important in life as to be a success in life discipline is very much important ad it is a key to a successful life.

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A Disciplined Person

Every people should be taught discipline from their childhood as these teachings could help them in their life.

When a person is disciplined in his life, he is mostly respected by the other people and can spread values and thoughts to the other people it shows the character of the person, and people mostly like the person who is discipline in their life.

So to be a successful man, there should be discipline in a person’s life as by this he would be respected by the people and can able to get honour in the society.

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