Essay On Disadvantages Of Internet For Students & Children In Simple English


Today the life of the people has become very interesting and modern due to which the people are immense on the internet which is the new technology of the people through which there are the communication and the information sharing of the people who are in the distance like the relatives and the friends, this become very comfortable and very easier to the people.

Internet as the uses and the negative effect on the people and on the small students, many of the things can be studied by us. But the only problem is that internet can be only used by the people who are educated but there is no issue that only the literate people can take the knowledge but also the illiterate people can also get the knowledge if they are interested because this is easy to understand, as the internet provides many of the facility for the public, as the internet is very advanced in its work and the service there is also the unwanted information. People say there are many disadvantages due to the internet but our purpose of using the internet should be the legal one rather than using it for the bad purpose.

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Disadvantages of internet

With the advantages of the internet, there are the disadvantages and the negative effect of the internet, if we will do the proper use than there will be no disadvantages. But there are some of the people who make the bad use of the internet. As there are many of the hackers and they make the bad use that they take all the information of the people and then they blackmail them.

Now we are using the internet in all the way while sitting at the home only we purchase or sell the product and all the payment of product is done through the internet use, this makes the hackers to hack the bank information very easily and we can’t control our PC or the mobile all are supported by them only.

Today the children are not playing the outdoor game rather than they sit at the house and they spend most of their time through the mobile phone by playing the games and using the Instagram or the facebook this make the children physically weak and mentally also, this will be very dangerous for the children this should be taken care by the parents that want the children are doing the activity in the mobile phone.

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Today the people are not playing the face to face communication with the people only in the social media they chat they sometimes make the friends who are the people that they don’t know and they talk make the friendship and they trust them some while they cheat the people, and this causes many of the problems through the internet.

Nowadays people only are indulged with internet rather than meeting the friends we are talking in the chat, children should be not given to use the social media this will arise many of the problems because the internet is worldwide.

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