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Digital means that all the things of transactions and many things that can be done through digital devices. And this digital technology has been launched in India under the name Digital India. Digital India is the campaign that has been started by the government of India to make all the people of the country get electrically improved for the online transaction and the internet services that are provided.

The different countries are being digitally well-performing countries, and as compared to them India are using the less digital Technologies and because of it they are lacked because of this technology and to go along with the countries the Government of India has organised the digital India campaign for the proper digital and internet services to the people as we can see that there are many people who are not able to use this internet technology system and also there are many areas in India when there is no proper connectivity such as in rural areas so by this campaign of digital India the government could be able to provide and can give knowledge about this digital affairs to the people.

The Establishment Of This Organization

There is a need for the Indian country to get along with these IT technologies and because of this there are many people who are illiterate and not able to get along with the people that are using these digital Technologies so for this the digital campaign India has been started on 1st July 2015 by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi as it is a great initiative that has been organized by him that could be able to help many people who are unable to use this digital technique.

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The main thing for the establishment of this campaign is to provide internet services and to give knowledge about this digital Technologies to the people. In this campaign the Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the help of his many employees and many IT engineers he started many network systems that could help the people and also made this digital technology used for the people and easy way to use.

Services Provided By The Campaign

After the establishment of these Digital campaign is provided many internet services for the people who are not able to get connected to the internet as the people lives in the rural areas get connected to the digital India campaign very easily because of the services that they provide and because of this all the people could be able to get used of Digital Technologies and the internet services very easily there are many networks that have been made by this Technology as this campaign has made many Bharat broadband networks that helped many villages to provide internet services.

The government also introduced many websites and also has developed much online payment as that would be able to do that money transaction easily, and the Prime Minister of India has been to ordered all the people to link the Aadhar card from all the things so that they could be able to identify people through their Aadhar card. Because of this development in technology that has been done in India in the future, it will be a great IT sector and developing country in digital technology.

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