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Children’s Day is also known as Bal Divas. Children’s Day is celebrated on the day of 14th November it is celebrated on this day as the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru because Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru you still love small children very much.

The idea of celebrating Children’s Day on 14th November was suggested by Mr. VK Krishnan Menon in the year of 1954 and was adopted by the general assembly.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru also used to love red roses and use to put them on their pockets and also they used to give the roses to the small children As Jawaharlal Nehru used to love children’s children’s also used to love Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and used to call them as Chacha Nehru or also as chacha.

On the day of Children’s Day, Every schools and Educational Institutes gives holidays to their students for the celebration of children’s day.


Children’s Day is celebrated all over the world not only by the children’s but also by adults. The adult that their parent’s teachers give them chocolate aura gift during this day.

Children’s Day is focused on the children enjoy. Schools are given holiday, but students are invited to the school for celebrating Children’s Day, the school teacher organized different programs and events for students.

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In these programs and events, not only children take part in various activities like singing dancing fancy dress and speeches but also teachers prepare some song for students and Sing for the students.

In some School children’s are also taken for tour and picnics. Children’s Day is all about giving respect to the children’s.

This day is one of the Golden days for children as nobody School them and all teachers and parents have a soft behavior on the children’s. On this day children’s are also given small treats like they are provided with beautiful snacks.


Children’s Day please an important role to make aware the country about the real power of children’s as the children’s hour important to the country as they are the future of the country and development of the nation is in the hands of this small children.

So it is necessary to celebrate Children’s Day to provide them big opportunity during this day. During this day various laws and actions are issued for the development and profit of the children’s. It also producers awareness of the responsibility towards the children’s life.

Children’s Day Around The World

Children’s Day is celebrated in the whole world on 20th November. Universal Children’s day was established in the year 1954 in the month of 20th November.

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On this day Children’s Day is celebrated in the whole world, and it is proclaimed by the United Nations. The children in all world are celebrating Children’s Day and have fun with their friends and schools.

The Universal Children’s Day makes an important role in the development of children and also provides them with good regulations and development rights for the children for their bright future.

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