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Child labor you mean of using the small children for doing labor work in a social organization or an enterprise. Using child labor is very profitable as children’s do much work expecting less money.

Child labor is also and major aspect of child exploitation kidnapping children for child labor and using them to work for free and the children abducted need not more maintenance as they work for very less food, and they also do not need much space to leave and as the small children do not know anyone they also do not raise their voice against the torture for doing the work and also the mall treatment done with them.

Sometimes the small children are also threatened to work for long hours and also beaten for doing their work. In India, child labor is now illegal as the age of children is to get an education.


In India, there are many causes of child labor but today the main cause of child labor is the financial situation of the family because of which the child has to work as a laborer to earn his daily living needs because he belongs to a poor family.

Not only poverty is the main cause of child labor and another major cause of child labor is the illiteracy of the family.

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The elated parent’s things that are better for a child to go to work and earn money for his daily needs rather than going to school and spending money on education.

In India, child labor does not only take place due to poverty or illiteracy but also due to unavailability of the mode of education and hand children have no option of going to work rather than going to school to get an education.


There are various effects of child labor on the child and also on the community to which it belongs because working and labor they get different of that basic needs of education which have an adverse effect on the psychological development of the child.

Child labor only affects the psychological condition of the child but also the physical conditions. Due to working in the acidic environment for longer time call many health problems, and it might be dangerous for the light as it can shorten the life of the small children


Prevention of child labor is very important. Child labor cannot be removed completely, but it can be controlled by various factors.

It can be ready by providing the disadvantages of child labor to their parents and also to the child. There should be strict punishment for practicing or forcing a child to do child labor.

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Various other laws should be made to stop child labor. The more new school should be open in the rural areas of India.

Not only education should be provided free but also some shelter should be provided to the children who live on the street, and they also should be provided with their daily needs so that they should not work as a Labour for the daily needs.

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