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This is a very big problem which our country India is facing right now. Each and every kid is having all the rights to study well and below 18 years of age none of the child should work in any kind of field. It is a responsibility of the government to look after it on and make sure that it won’t happens.

Metropolitan City

Most of us have seen that in the metropolitan city like Mumbai, Delhi, and many more the child labour is at the peak, because over here we need more and more servants to keep. Being of rich person does not means that you can keep a kid as a slave for yourself.

But this is the truth of our society that we are not looking at the age of the servant and keeping them at our home. We are not even taking any interest that he or she is above 18 years of age or not. Our work is going good than just look at it and nothing else is mattering to us.

Responsible Citizen

Well not all the people in the cities have the same concern for the kids there are some responsible people also to make sure that this kind of activities which are called as child labour should never happen and this could be stopped by only one means that each one of us should take care of it but if we see the child labour happening anywhere around us we should be standing for the right and raising of a voice against the injustice happening with the kid this is the only way that we can stop the child labour and save more and more kids from getting into this dirty community

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Child Care Centre

As a kid we don’t even know what is right or wrong we are forcing our parents to buy the luxurious life which we want and our parents are also giving us the luxurious life by anyhow but what about the kids who live in a child care centre and they don’t even have someone to ask or they don’t even get any kind of help or motivation from their parents because they do not even have parents they live in the child care centre And study so that one day they could become a successful for at least a person who could survive on his own and make other peoples life a better place

Beckers in Child Labour

Most of us don’t even know that the kids who we see on the roads begging for money are forced to do so well most of the kids are having one or the other disability in their potty well it is not by the car there are some dirty organisations to do so and they are the ones who are responsible behind this child labour process as a human being we feel pity for the kids and give him whatever we could but this is the way we are increasing the child labour.

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