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Many of the people came from a very big city Gujarat, Narendra Modi is the person who is from Gujarat and right now he is Prime Minister of India. And he is making us so proud in front of rest of the countries after Independence from the Britishers. Narendra Modi is the first prime minister who took us on the development mode so fast.

Technical Knowledge

Well we had so many prime ministers after work after our independence, from all of those Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the second prime minister who is so much aware of technology.

The first one was none other than the great leader APJ Abdul Kalam who was a scientist even Narendra Modi respects him a lot and make sure that whatever great moments was started from a PJ Abdul Kalam will be continued in future also.

Foreign Relations

Washington DC: Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting the President of United States of America (USA), Donald Trump, at the Joint Press Statement, at White House, in Washington DC, USA on Tuesday.PTI Photo /pib

After the independence, India had so many difficulties by foreign relations. In the guidance of Narendra Modi today India is one of the finest country who is having a great relationship with all the powerful countries.

In the start of Narendra Modi‘s leadership people used to just think that he is taking to the of all these countries by the taxpayers money but after sometime when people started seeing the results of his work they understood that he is a very talented person.

If we talk about the hard work of Narendra Modi has always done his best and this is the reason people love his way of doing anything.


As we know that we are having the second largest population then too there are so many countries to make sure that whenever they get a chance the attack India.

But after the leadership of Narendra Modi people see and they know if something happens to them there is a great leader sitting behind him who is going to take the revenge for your sacrifice.

And this is the reason the enemy of India are also afraid off because they even don’t know what Narendra Modi can do with their countries.

Motivation to the Youth

Now if we talk about the youngsters of India everyone understands how smart Modi is working for their future and he always make sure that the youth of young India gets the first chance to develop their skills.

Now even the youth know who is working for them, and the youth is proud of him they can do anything for him on just one word.

Fight for Army

Before Narendra Modi the leaders who were developing the country were not having the full power in their control because most of the time.

Every party was taking his own way of becoming a leader but after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister people understand that only one person is there who can bring us all together and he is none other than Narendra Modi who has the courage to fight for us.

Even the Indian Army has full faith in him they can do anything for him it is just not their responsibility even from the bottom of the heart they want to do something for the Prime Minister.

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