Essay On World Environment Day For Students & Children In Simple English

World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th of June every year as it is celebrated for the Awareness of the protection of our environment.

On this day the people from different countries gives the awareness for the protection of our environment by giving some tips for the protection and how you should conserve the environment and we should grow trees to increase the green cover which reduces the pollution.

It is like a campaign which is first held in the year 1974 for raising awareness on environmental issues. All over 143 countries participated annually on this day for the protection of our environment and to protect from many environmental issues.

Environment Day plays a vital role in spreading the awareness about the importance of environment and also about the misuse of the environment.

The Main Aim And History of Environment Day

The main aim is to provide the cleanliness and to protect our environment from the pollution and it has undertaken from the past history as it was established by the General Assembly of UN in the year 1972 as they discuss this topic on the integration of human interaction and the environment and after that in the year 1974 this campaign has been led with the theme of only one Earth and after that many of the countries begin to participate and host this Environment Day.

This Environment Day is being celebrated every year with a theme as from the year 2010 in India this day is celebrated as a theme of one planet one future many species and in 2011 the theme was biodiversity and forest conservation and from then there are many themes that are been taken every year on this day and in 2017 the theme of this was to connect people to the nature and in 2018 the theme was to beat plastic pollution and it is a great initiative that has been taken on this day for the protection of our environment.

Various campaigns and rally of environmental misuse and also about the importance of environment and they are also some release which plants some trees and also motivate people to plant trees.

On this day of environment day everyone thinks about the environment and also various policies are developed that is if you cut One Tree you should plant many trees as it will increase the population of trees in the surrounding and because of this, there would be no environmental problems when there are more and more trees planted.


In India Environment Day is celebrated with more fashion is India is a country of greenery and people present here in India love greenery and they also love to plant trees.

During this Environment Day Children’s are given various lessons on the environment pollution and also the consumption of environmental resources and also how to deal with the environmental problems are given.

the small student also gives various features on Environment Day during this day to all the children in the Assembly of the school. Small children from the school are also taken on the mission of planting trees in various areas.

So because of all these things and the measures that the government of India and every country that has been taken our earth would be great and there would be a great life in future in our Earth.

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