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William Shakespeare is the name which is very famous in the names of the poet. He was one of the best and bring down here and he was also used to write playwright and also used to act.

William Shakespeare was a great writer but with it, he was also and a great dramatist and used to work in many acts.

William Shakespeare was also known as the national poet and the bard of Avon.  Shakespeare was born in Stratford which is in Warwickshire.

Now also William Shakespeare is very famous and also he is like a living Legend and there are also many poems still available now written by him and they are also very famous.

William Shakespeare was one of the great philosophers and had done many great works in his life and has contributed to a large number of poems to the society of the poets.


William Shakespeare was born a Stratford upon Avon in the year of 1564 and his birth date was 26 April which is just assumed and the actual date of birth of William Shakespeare is still unknown.

The father of William Shakespeare wall John Shakespeare who was a gloves maker.

He married at his early age to marry Arden who was a daughter of a landowning farmer.

He was educated from the king’s new school which is in Stratford which was a free school which was about 400 m long from Hills house.

After the sixth month of the marriage his wife gave birth to a daughter and named him Susanna and After her, she gave birth two twins Hamnet and Judith but due to an unknown cause, Hamnet died at his age of 11.

After that William Shakespeare has the written many books which have great importance in itself.

But William Shakespeare died in the year 1616 but there was also and tragedy that is birth date and death date were the same.


Poems of Shakespeare were very much famous. In the year between 1593 and 1594, the theatre was closed due to a disease is known as the plague which was caused due to rat and was very dangerous due to reach all the theatres were closed, on this time Shakespeare publish to narrative poems they were Venus and Adonis and another was rape of Lucerne.

Both of the poems have their own stories and also the problems around the surrounding which was being observed by him.

This both poems made Shakespeare famous and after which he got another narrative poem known as lovers complaint in which there was a story of a young man.

After getting the MG Road many poems and the solids were the last work of Shakespeare after which he died.


Shakespeare has a great contribution to the poems and plays. Shakespeare has written many poems which war became many famous and everyone used to like to read his poem.

He has also written many dramatic places which consists of very much interesting stories and which were very unique and used to be loved by the viewers.

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