Essay On Wildlife For Students & Children In Simple English

Wildlife refers to the animal species which are not domesticated by the people, and these animals live in a wild area, and open area where humans are not allowed to go as this types of animals are very much harmful as an example wild animals like tiger lion and other wild animals who stay in the jungle and wild open area are the wildlife animals.

These animals can be found in the deserts forest grasslands rainforest and other areas and also it includes in the most developed or urban areas that have distinct forms of wildlife.

As these animals are not staying with humans and are very far but there also the population has been decreasing from the past years because when these animals are being seen in nearby areas the people hunt them, or there are also many people who like to go on hunting for this animals as they are illegal, but these people do for their fashion.

Wildlife Conservation

As humans have been started to conserve the trees and the forest and also the natural resources but there is also the need for saving this wildlife, and it should be conserved as they are also beneficial for balancing the ecological system as if a chain is being imbalance than the structure of the environment could be get disturbed.

The open Areas where the animals lives are taken as there are being many urban areas that are being built on that areas and many agricultural and industrial development are being done, and because of these the living off the wild animals are less and lesser and because of this they are not able to stay in the proper home and their life gets in danger, and sometimes they die and because of this their existence has become very less.

The deforestation can also be said as the main reason for the loss of wildlife as the Killing of the wild animals for their body parts and also for eating them has been made the wildlife decreasing.

And also there are many problems that animal face because of the humans there as the humans do the pollution and because of this many natural disasters takes place and it not only harms the humans, but the animals also get disturbed by this, and some animals lost their life because they are not able to protect themselves.

The Need For And Protection Of Wildlife

Many animals are getting depleted, and so before this, all the countries should get all together and plan some things for the conservation of wildlife, and they should announce many Agencies for the conservation that can protect the animals and also give a good home for the animals.

Many sanctuaries should be constructed for the stay of animal and because of this in sanctuaries animal could be able to stay nice and the humans cannot attack the animals.

In recent times there are many poaching cases that have been in seen so because of this to avoid all these hunting animals should be protected and with all these measures the wildlife could get conserved, and there is a need for the conservation of wildlife in future.

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