What Is Education Essay For Students & Children In Simple English


Education is an act of learning anything or getting information on a particular subject which is very helpful.

Education plays a vital role in the development of the personality of an individual and also makes in capable of facing the world in future and also at its present.  Education is like sharing the facts and information to the students in which the students learn about that facts and information.

Education is very important and everyone has the right to get the education there are various rights which provide free education to the childrens not only they provide free education but they also provide various daily needs to the students so that they don’t need to work for their daily needs so that they can concentrate completely on their studies.

Education provides and platform to the individual to develop themselves and also do hard work for the future so that they can live a better life in the future and get various opportunities in their life. Education also provide various career goals in their life so that they can become a good person in the future.


Education is like and golden chance to the individual and if they will they missed their whole life and they have to do the hardware in the future and they live a miserable life which is very painful as they have to do a lot of labour work for earning less money.

But if the utilise the chance and get the education they are capable of doing any work in the future and they can do any work and earn a lot of money and make the future better so you have to do hard work prior to leave and happy life.

It is very important to get education from its basic as the basic education helps the individual in learning the higher education as if the individual goes directly for the higher education he gets confused and gets sick of education due to which he leaves education.

Education not only plays vital role in development of an individual but it also helps in the development of the country so government is providing various educational policies to the individual so that they can get the education.


Nowadays the education in India has developed and everyone has a education but it is found that there are many childrens lying on the road who don’t have a proper shelter and don’t even have clothes to wear and they do various work to earn their daily needs and don’t go to school.

But the Government of India has became successful in providing education to various children’s who were not able to get education due to their family background and they are at a good post now and they are also earning good for their daily life needs.

But there are also some places in India where girls are not given a chance of getting education rather they are forced to sit at home and do household work and after which they do their marriage due to which they do not get any opportunity of getting education.

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