Water Pollution

Effect Of Water Pollution On Humans And Animals For Students & Children In Simple English

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Water Pollution

Water pollution is the major problem caused in India from any other pollution problem. Water is that natural resources which are unlimited in nature but the potable water which is used by the humans are in limited stock but it is waste unnecessarily. The main problem which is caused due to the water contamination is it kills the organisms which are living under the water, many of the animals drink water from the water bodies which are polluted because of which the animal gets certain health issues and this may also cause to the death. Pollution of the water damages all the food chain these will also cause the problem for the humans also, this is caused due to the various factor that is industrial pipelines are attached to the water bodies and this contaminate the water.

Effects Of Water Pollution on animals

  • Growth in harmful substance

The freshwater river or the lakes are been contaminated by using the harmful method like the industry or the factory take out their pipeline or set their pipelines in these water bodies all the chemical substances are mixed with the water and due to which the flora and fauna under the river lakes or the oceans drink it and they are caused by the death. These chemicals are very harmful to the small living organism death is fluent because the water gets polluted badly.

  • Death of Aquatic animals

If there is the pollution in the water which the animals are living or they are drinking this will cause their death and also the aquatic animals can’t leave in the proper manner they can’t inhale the proper oxygen, suffocating will occur means the oxygen will stop due to the water contaminated. Since the death is very sure.

Effects Of Water Pollution In Humans

Humans are also affected due to this pollution factor in water as the water is the first filter but it is done with the help of the chemicals which are used to clean the water from the bacteria which are present in the water surface. Here are some of the effects which are contaminating the body or the health of the humans.

  • Chemicals

Some of the chemicals as the negative effects on the body and due to which the certain health issues are generated, health problems such as typhoid, Cholera, malaria this are caused.

  • Pesticides

Pesticides are also used to clean the water and to make it free from some of the bacteria and also fungi.T his all make the problem to the health but it works very slowly we can’t imagine it, this can harm our nervous system. Chlorides can cause reproductive and endocrinal damage to our body.

  • Lid

A substance which harms the main nervous system in our body this can also lead to the dead and many of the dangerous health issues.

This Are Some Of Our Duty

  • We should not throw the litter on the ocean or any other water bodies.
  • Look that there is not any of the connection of our household pipelines or industrial pipelines in the water bodies.
  • If you see anyone making the litter in the river water then complaint to the authorities. There are various water safety authorities now.
  • Help increase awareness by educating your children and increasing the awareness based on the saving of the water in the community.

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