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Essay On Waste Management For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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 Essay On Waste Management

Today, half of the world’s population lives in cities. It will not be wrong to say that in the future the number of cities and the habitation will increase there. Urban life is the need of today, compulsion and the day-to-day population of growing population.

It is not possible to change this direction, can we turn this curse into a boon or partial boon or at least in a worthy, liveable environment. If we answer ‘no,’ then we have to answer it in ‘yes,’ and in cities, we have to find ways of good living.

If it cannot be denied that the common city has the right to live in a clean, healthful, harmonious environment, we will have to find ways of this. Delaying it will be fatal, and we will continue to convert more and more cities to hell. Garbage is increasing in cities, but its salvage facilities are not increasing.

 Depend On Government

It is wrong to depend on government or semi-governmental organizations, authorities, corporations, city councils and to reduce their susceptibility to citizen facilities. For this, the citizens should not only be constantly aware but also have to take a resolution for a long battle for their rights. This fight will also be at many levels.

Problem Solving Management

Maintaining constant with a variety of organizations and their cooperation will be a major part of this battle. Every citizen has to become as aware and aggressive towards his duties,

This is the key to solving problems. Every citizen has to see his image in the city, deep attachment and attachment towards him, only then our cities can become brighter, and human can live. Every city should make its character, discover its features and develop it. Every city should retain its traditional character and traditional pride, and in the name of development, it should save the soul from the destruction of the city. There is an urgent need to pay attention to all of these.

Garbage Management

One of the very important objectives to achieve from priority is – ‘garbage management.’ Garbage management is a very big and challenging challenge for urban life. The problems arising from the garbage are increasing, and the cities are rapidly converting into hell. But it is a matter of regret that the proper concern is not to limit the waste, transfer it quickly, destroy it, or to recycle it.

Innovative experiments are being conducted around the world in this regard because this problem is not of a city or a country or a continent. We should try to take advantage of these experiments and experiences.

 Things Related To Garbage Management

The seriousness and complexity of the problem are to reach the common citizen and to get their support is very difficult to work with, but there is no other way than this. Employees and citizens throw all the streets, garbage in the street, or put them in the drains. Drains are blocked, and only water does not spread out, it also becomes a threat to health.

The dump of garbage are gathered and put in public places, and there is no arrangement for taking them immediately. Without waste management, public training, and government activism, no waste management is possible. Wherever there has been coordination about this, conditions have changed, urban life has improved. Surat district has changed its appearance with similar resolutions. The picture of Kolkata is also changing.

With garbage management, we can solve the problems of small towns to a great extent. Need political and administrative commitment to understand the problems and problems and to make decisions. Starting from small towns in Rajasthan, the situation can be worked out from now on. Infrastructure improvement in big cities is faulty and will increase people’s problems. Without training in a new direction, the work that is going on will create new problems.

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