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Vanam Manam is an initiative launched by the government of Andhra Pradesh. The initiative of this program was to increase the green cover of the state at least by 50%, which is and good initiative in the development of the state and also increase the greenery which will reduce the pollution and also overcome the various problem in the cities of natural resources.

At the present the green cover in Andhra Pradesh is about 26% and but it is taken care that it should be improved by the year 2029. The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu said that about 1 crore of saplings will be planted on 29th July and also he ask for about 5 Karur people to take part in this program, so that they can help us turning Andhra Pradesh into and Haritha Andhra Pradesh which is full of greenery and good number of trees.


The Vision and Mission of the Vanam Manam program were to increase the progress of the forest cover not only by and government act but also including people in the program so that the progress of the program becomes faster.

They also encourage people for the plantation of saplings in open space and also told them about the importance of green cover made the people plant the saplings.

It was important that the saplings should be planted by the people of the city as if the plant the sapling they will take a proper care of the sapling and will improve the growth of the sapling as they have plant it which is impossible for the government to watch each and every sapling growing.

There was also and vision of about planting 20 lakh saplings in Visakhapatnam from the 1 crores of the sapling.


The Vanam Manam campaign has to lead to a greater progress as it has improved the number of plants in the seat of Andhra Pradesh and the main reason of progress of this campaign was the saplings which were planted were geotag by the government of Andhra Pradesh and also the photograph of the saplings were uploaded on the website for the better monitoring process and also it can be seen how the care of the sampling which was planted.

This campaign has also helped in increasing the green cover of Andhra Pradesh to use extent and also help the people in developing their own state.


There is a huge importance of Vanam Manam campaign as it has improved the green cover of the state Andhra Pradesh and has given a big hand in the development of the state and reduce the pollution and make the air cool in the state.

Due to the increasing the green cover it has also been noticed that the rain has also increased in that state which has given or the great source of water for the state.

The campaign has also reduced the global warming and the campaign like this should be carried out by various cities present in India as it might reduce the all over global warming in India and also increase the forest cover which is very important for the balance of the ecosystem.

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