Ethics And Values In Life

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The value of life is something which is priceless. We cannot compare anyone’s life against a price of amount. The amount maybe to much but even after that we cannot compare the life which we thought as a present from God can give it on sale.

Importance of Life

Nowadays it feels cheap in our societies people compare their lives according to the position you belong to. If you are at a higher rank then your life is very valuable but if you belong to some lower rank your life is cheap. It is not the right way to judge someone’s life but this is the darkest of a society which we can not change and today also people think that if a person has a lower ranking their life is not so valuable to us.

God has Narrator of this life there is no way that you can take it from anyone you cannot force anyone to sacrifice their life for you because it wasn’t their right to do this sacrifice. God has taken so many efforts to bring you in this existence of life and now just because you need to show your dedication to someone you are refusing the gift of God.


Every year so many people get involved in the system of terrorism and and because of this terrorist people lost their life. To stop terrorism first we should make sure that they know the value of the life which they are living. If they start understanding the value of their life they will also understand the value of other people life. If they understand why this terrorism making the world the first place they will stop this terrorism and just get on the on wheel of life.

No one is a terrorist from birth but just because of you stupid people they forget the value of life and show them a wrong way of becoming a terrorist and the leaders who make people a terrorist are very afraid of their own lives. They know that their life is important but they make sure that the people they are hiring to become a terrorist do not waste any time in just sacrificing their life.

Lack of Motivation

Well there are people who are not mentally strong and they are facing some problems. The problems can be anything related to that job, their family, their loved ones, there can be any kind of problem which they they are facing this makes the value of life very less to them because they are very demotivated and can’t do anything wrong with their life.

If we find anything  like this near to us we should make sure that in all the problems they have cleared out and once they are out of the darkness make sure that they are motivated towards life. Because if we have a motivation inside us we can also give motivation to the people who are in the dark and trying to find a fire of motivation in them.

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