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Every child loves to play games in their daily routine. They play games and it makes them healthy because while playing the game they also do so many kinds of exercise which we don’t even think about.

School-Age Games

In school days we all love to play games because it is the best way to get out of the classroom. We always wait for the period in which we get a chance to play. For example, we have a play period in our school duration that was the only period when we used to love to be in the school because it makes us happy and does whatever we want to do.

Schoolboys love to play cricket and football on the school premises this is the best game which I love to play in the school. And all the girls used to play Kho-Kho. Girls also play many other games just like the boys love to play even in the school duration. All the students play together there is nothing called boys or girls game they are united in a team and play together.

College Games

Nowadays when we want admission to a very good college we do need a high grade of percentage but there is one more option to get an admission to a very good college which is the sports quota. Sports quota is that if you are very good at sports you will be considered as a special case and there are chances to get admission without high grades. And then you have to be in sports to represent your college.

Now the ones at the college have taken you as a student the College will make sure that you will play that sport which you used to play in your school time and you can win some trophies for the college.

All Types of Games

Well, there are two types of games which we can play in is Indoor games which we played in court and also in the house. The games which we play in the court are like tennis, badminton, poker and many other games which we play inside the court.

Now we talk about outdoor games well there are so many outdoor games that I don’t even need to explain about them but we will take a few of them, for example, cricket and football.

But now all the children are playing games on their devices. Well, science and technology has given us so many great achievements but they have also given us this one useless thing which has make out talent very less in the field.

Because we prefer to play on mobile devices which is actually not right and taking advantage of this stupid idea we are missing so many great talents because of this technology. So to make yourself healthy and fit always play games physically which will make you fit and healthy.

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