Essay On UPSC For Students & Children In Simple English

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The UPSC or the union public service commission is a commission in India’s central as creating agency as it is the thing which is responsible for the examination for all the Indian services from the group a and b of the central services.

As there are many departments for the training and also many department agencies in India that give the training to the candidates and the UPSC examination is being given by the candidates for appearing in this training agencies as it can be said as an entrance exam to take part in the Indian services. The start of these examinations is from October 1, 1926, as it helps the people to join the public service by giving this examination.

It is a great examination that has been started by the Indian country as it allows the people to take part in the Indian services as this UPSC examination is been started at the time of India was under the rule of Britishers so because of this there were number of British people who wear seeking advantage of it but it has given a chance to Indian people that there would be only 40% British people in the examination and the other 40% of Indian people should directly be recruited for this examination and the other 20 percent of people should be the Indians only and after the independence of India UPSC examination has got a constitutional status and so because of this many people are been joining these and also there are also many people who are working on this examination to be conducted properly by the Indian people.

Qualifications needed for UPSC

The headquarters of this UPSC examination is at New Delhi and the main man as the chairman of this is Arvind Saxena he’s handling this examination all years properly as they are also many qualifications that are been needed to get in this examination as there should be a proper degree from the university that is been needed.

There are many examinations that are been included in this UPSC and there is also an age limit for the people to attend this examination as there is an age limit of 32 years above that no one people are allowed to give this examination. But there is also the difference in the caste of the people as the lower caste category people can give examination at any age limit and the general category people have the age limit of 32 years.

Career in UPSC

As there should be a proper qualification that is being needed to get this Examination to be attended and after this examination if one has been getting good marks there is a great career in UPSC in future as there are many service sectors like IAS IFS and many other Indian services that people can be able to serve their India.

There are mostly groups like group A and group b that are been divided among and the examinations are being considered in it and their also many civil services examinations that are been conducted by the people to get admissions in this IAS services in India and it is a great career to begin in India.

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