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Travelling is something which everyone loves to do. Travelling across the world or inside your own country is something which is an experience.

You have to take the tour from your own and explore the new places which you can because travelling is fun and even it is expensive so make sure whenever you travel you should be having all the resources required for the travelling.

Travelling in India

Talk about India, India is the most beautiful place to travel. There are so many beautiful things which no one can find it anywhere in the world.

We have one of the most important monuments which is also counted in Seven Wonders of the World well it is none other than the Taj Mahal is in Agra. It is very famous for the love which is expressed after the death of Shah Jahan’s lovely wife.

Famous Places in India

If we start with the famous places in India first as I told the Taj Mahal is one of the famous places after this there are many more different monuments which you can have a look.

The India Gate and Gateway of India does both are the symbol of  freedom fighter you can always see to it and make sure that you never forget how much pain the Indian fighters have taken to release us from the punishments of British.

Indian Temples

India is also famous for its mythological stories and its temples. In every state of India you can find different types of temples which are famous for their own stories.

For example Maharashtra is a state which is also the Indian economic Centre it has the stock exchange in it but in the state there is also one of this payments temples in Nasik which is Shirdi there is a temple of Saibaba which is very famous in all over India and people visit over there from out of India also.

Shirdi is the second richest temple in India. If you want to know about the first richest temple in India well it is Thiruvananthapuram Balaji temple which is one of the best temples in India if anyone visit India ever should visit this to temples if they can.

Spicy Food in India

I have completed travelling from one place to another and the most important thing for a traveller is food and India is famous for its spicy food. Most of the Indians love the spice in their food because the invention of spice is done in India.

More than hundreds of remedies are found and created in India to make the food more delicious and tasty. Every state has its own kind of test but they all your get in the same country which is India.

Different Ways of Teaching

In India there were so many different ways of teaching. And still in few of the places you can find the ways of teaching to them is the same still the place where the children learn is not called as the school it is known as the Gurukul, which means the place where the teacher and student can Interchange their knowledge.

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