Short Essay On Travel And Tourism For Students & Children In Simple English


The phrase travel and tourism are made up of two words which are travel and another word is the tourism in which the traveling word means going from one place to another through a journey which is known as traveling and the World Tourism refers to the tourist places present in the country. The combination of both the word that is travel and tourism means traveling a distance for visiting a tourist place in a country.

People go on travel and tourism for various purposes to spend their vacation or to gain information about different places in different countries all to go with your family to enjoy your life.

Everyone loves to travel and tourism and they also visit various tourist places to spend a day and gain various information about that place. The travel and tourism have a grade share in the increasing of the economy of a country have people from the different country are easy to your country and spend the money in your country which increases your economy.


There are about three types of tourism which depend upon the amount you travel from your place. When you travel to a smaller distance which is present in your own state or about a short distance about more than 80 kilometers from your own house for a visit to enjoy your day or for the business purpose of spending time with someone.

The another type of tourism is the inbound tourism in which the people of the same country visit tourist places which are present inside their own country, there are various tourist places present in a country and people go to various tourist places present in their own country which is known as the inbound tourism which has a greater market as people love roaming in their own country.

The outbound tourism is the tourism which is done at greater travelling where people travel from their country to another country to visit tourist places and enjoy and get information about that tourist place, people gain more knowledge and experience when they go for outbound tourism as they are out of their old country and visiting New country gain more knowledge.


Tourism has a great importance for a country as it plays a major role in the increase in the economy which apparently helps in the development of a country. Tourism also helps many people from getting diverted from their day to day boring life and enjoy something new.

The travel and tourism have also played a vital role in providing employment to various people as due to tourism many people get a job at tourist places like tourist guide air or protecting the tourist places by the various tourist who violates the places.

Travel and tourism are also important for every individual as it improves your general knowledge about the geography of year own country and it also provides information about the historic and tourist place in your country and also outside your country and also about the well-known tourist spots in the world.

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