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If any people writing an essay they should always remember that the starting page of the introduction is to be attractive. So the readers give attention. The introduction should be an attention grabber. But the writer must have to write the true and verifiable and but doesn’t need to be totally fresh for the readers.

How To Select A Good Essay Topic By Students

Steps To Select An Essay Topic

Within the discipline, people need to choose the topic, but it should be interesting to the readers and not the boring one.

Then analyze the chosen topic and then check the topic is broad or narrow.

Point Should Be Remembered

While writing an essay people should remember that another requirement. It is right to reuse the essay which is written on the paper. Whether if want to ask for this people can ask their guardians and take advise.

Common Mistakes People Always Do

Some people have the mentality to choose the boring topic because it is an essay to write it about.

Should not narrow the topic.

People try to reuse a written essay.

Causes And Effects Of Essay Writing 

History And Politics

How much caused by civil war?

What were the causes in the 1960s and 1970s of the increasing interest in the feminism?

Social Problem Topics

What does poverty cause in America?

What does effect in poverty of growing up?

Isn’t homelessness cause any?

Healthcare Paper Ideas

What does HIV/AIDS cause in Africa?

What did the effect cause exercise on the body?


What does a teacher cause to burn out?

What does illegal immigration cause?

Various Topics Of Essay 

There are various topics to which people want to write it, such as at the level of national, economy, international, sports and business from this most of the person write it down.

Below are the current topics:

Right To Privacy

SC (Supreme Court) just recently passed a ruling stating “privacy” it is a fundamental right due to which it is intrinsic to the right of life. In the article 21 of the constitution, it is stated.

Cow Slaughter Ban

In the article Constitution of India, it mandates the state to prohibit the slaughter of cow and calves and also the other drought cattle. On 26th of May 2007, has imposed a ban on slaughter of cow and calves by the Ministry of Environment of Indian central government which was led by BJP (BHARATIYA JANTA PARTY).

Clean India Movement

Mahesh Sharma the Union ministry of culture launched the app of SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN (Clean India Movement) with an aim to involve the people actively to become a part of it.    

Cashless Economy

With lower cash transactions it seems unreal in consideration of old picture of cashless India.

Cybersecurity In Indian IT

Cybersecurity of Indian IT sector now has become a big question.

Women’s World Cup

Indian women’s cricket team has been proved their mettle with a great marvelous performance and stood the second worldwide on the pitch.

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