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Nowadays one of the most popular competitions in school and colleges  are essay writing. Even in the competitive exams like GMAT and other masters entrance exam essay writing is a question in which they see how much do you understand a about the point.

School Competition

In school whenever we have a essay competition teachers most probably give a random topic and tell all the students to write an essay. A students write the essay according to their information and make sure that it is in the proper grammar neat way.

Teachers make students participate in this competition just because they want that the students are well aware of a topic which is given to them and this is also a good way to check the grammar of the students. Because if the teacher understands where the student is going wrong in his sentences teachers can work on it.

Junior College Essay Competition

Many students come from the vernacular medium to the junior college which is very hard for the vernacular medium students to do competition with the English medium students. So to check that which students needs how much help from the teachers this essay.

Competition make sure that every student is participating in this competition and after the competition they released the results and understand which students needs help. With this language essay competition is something which helps all the students to improve their writing skills and their grammar.

Essay Competition in Different Languages

People speak different languages for example English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, etc. there are so many different languages that we can’t even imagine. Every person wants that he should be capable to write a essay in his own language because it makes him familiar with his mother tongue.

There are communities of their cast which organised this essay competitions in which they have to write the in their language and submit it to the appointed day make sure that whatever mistakes we have done they clear it out.

Essay in Entrance Exam

Now days and most of the entrance exams has essay is a question in which we have to write a good content to make sure that we can show our writing skills in it. The topic is totally unique and unaware by the students it can be any random topics which will be present related to the recent affairs.

To make sure that the student should write the proper essay on the given topic he or she needs to be aware of the current affairs. Right now what going on in India for example if the student is not a aware of the current situation we cannot attend that question and will face a problem in scoring good marks in his exams.

Essay to Any Topic

Every essay needs to be written in a very proper way it doesn’t matter that only school going students or are well educated professional essay should always contain an introduction and briefing and a proper end.

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