Essay On Tobacco For Students & Children In Simple English

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Tobacco is the product which is being eaten by the people and it is very harmful to the health of the people as it causes many harmful diseases. The tobacco is mostly prepared by the leaf of the tobacco plant and there is nicotine which is present in it which is very much harmful to the health of the people.

The introduction of this tobacco comes from back in the 16th century as the Americans use to do tobacco and they learned to smoke and they started this tobacco smoking through a Pipe and introduced the tobacco. The Americans then move to Europe and also started there and in Europe, they started to sell this tobacco and this has become one of the main causes for the African slave trade and later this tobacco products are being sold in many countries.

Later when there was a great demand for this tobacco in the 18th century and most of the farmers were growing tobacco and this was becoming the farmers very rich because of the great demand of the tobacco between the people and because of this the American tobacco factories are been introduced for the production of cigarettes and it produced 20 million cigarettes annually at that time and tobacco has been introduced.

Tobacco and its health effects

The people who eat tobacco are risking their life as this tobacco is been very serious and can cause very deadly illness like cancer and also many heart diseases and lung diseases as well and it is very much harmful to the health of the people by consuming this tobacco daily. The people who smoke daily are been risking their lives and because of this, this smoking has become a great problem among the people and it is very much harmful to the people.

Many people in the world die due to the consumption of tobacco about 50% of the death in the country are been the tobacco consumers who smoke daily and eat tobacco daily and because of this, it is harming the life of many people it should not be consumed. As from the past the tobacco production is been increased and mostly it has been cultivated in the countries like China Brazil and as well as in India with a great number and there are also many people who are dying in India due to the consumption of tobacco.

Tobacco a deadly poison

The consumption of the tobacco by the people we can say that it is a deadly poison which is consuming by the people and by consuming it daily later it can cause greater health effects to the people and it is taking their life.

We can say that the consumption of the smoking and tobacco has been in fashion among the students as well as many students like to smoke but they did not know its health effects and they are risking their life by consuming the products of tobacco.

This consumption of the tobacco  product should stop by the people and the countries who are producing and cultivating this tobacco should be controlled so because of this there would be no loss of the people

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