Terrorism In India Essay For Students & Children In Simple English


Terrorism is an activity of the terrorist group of people in which they try to hurt any country and it is found in India there are various terrorist groups which are operated in India but are operated by different countries one of the famous terrorist group in India is the jaish E Mohammad which is the Pakistani terrorist groups and operating in the part of Jammu and Kashmir in India and has done several attacks of Jammu and Kashmir in India and also have killed various life of the people.

There are other Pakistani terrorist groups present in Jammu and Kashmir known as lakshar e Taliban which has done the various terrorist attack on India and also has greater damage to the human life.

There was also the Maoist terrorist group which was a group of Naxalite people and which was broken by the government of India in the year 2004 which give and use relief to the people of India.

There is also and terrorist group in the Assam which is named as you ULFA whose full form is United Liberation front of Assam which is responsible for carrying out various terrorist activities in the state of Assam.


There are various causes of terrorism in India but one of the main cause is the education is the people don’t get education they try various methods of earning money and this terrorist people invite them to join the group so that they can I destroy the whole of India with them and can earn a lot of money due to which the people living in poverty start terrorism.

Another case is that the people join terrorism because of the religion as they think that the religion is superior in India and they should remove all other religions from India which place and the major cause of terrorism in India.

There is also various terrorist attack caused due to the political issues in which the people do the terrorist attack on India because of the political issues so that the political issues should be solved.

Poverty is another major cause to terrorism as India is a country where people are getting poor day by day and also having unemployment due to which day start terrorism as they don’t have anything to do and can earn a lot of money by this.


There is a news effect on the life of the people of the terrorism as the people get fear and them are mentally disturbed and sometimes the terrorist kill the people in front of everyone due to which everyone gets afraid of the terrorist and do not do anything and some people go in the form of mental unconsciousness due to and terrorist attack in their place in which they have lost their close one.

Terrorism not only has an effect on the life of the people but it also has and major damage to the economy of the state as when the terrorist attacks take place there is a huge damage happened to the infrastructure.

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