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Television or TV is a basic and important thing we all have in our home. Television is a combination of two different words. The word ‘Tele’ comes from the Greek which means ‘far away’ and the word ‘vision’ comes from Latin which means ‘sight’.

In short, television means seeing things that are far away and across the globe television sets unable to broadcast programs. Television is the easiest and most loving source of entertainment.

What is Television?

Television provide us many different channels like news, discovery, lifestyle, movies, shows, cooking, music, sports and etc. we can watch everything in any language. Every kind of entertainment we can get on the television in any language. Television provides us many important and useful information but not everything is good about television. There are many good things means the advantages of television and as well as it has disadvantages too.

Advantages of the Television

  1. Entertainment: This is the basic and most important advantage of the television. This entertainment includes a variety of entertainment. We can go for any entertainment like sports, cartoons, serials, reality shows, news, music, cooking, or lifestyle, etc. According to age and likings, we get every type of entertainment here by 24/7.
  1. Live shows: Watching live show is create the best thrill. Not everyone gets the chance to watch the things live, but television makes it so easy from its live broadcast. Live shows like live cricket match, some live news from the world, live concerts, live interview, etc.
  1. News: The most important thing which everyone should know what is going on in the nation or in the world. Television gives us many news channels with each kind of news which is happening in the world. Many government decisions or facilities we get from the news. This is a very helpful kind of advantage.
  1. Good lessons: Apart from the entertainment people also get good lessons and awareness. There are many good documentaries displays on the TV which influence us towards good things and thoughts.

 Disadvantages of The Television

  1. Negative effects on the studies: Watching television is more fun than reading books. So it affects the studies because children are spending more time to watch the shows and somewhere they are forgetting the importance of books.
  1. Distractions: There are some programs and advertisements are unhealthy which distracts peoples. People easily get influenced by it and then it causes to their future.
  2. Wastage of Time: Most of the people do nothing while watching television. They got too addicted to it so they don’t want to miss any part of the show which turns in the wastage of time and work.
  3. Health issues: Many people are facing eye issue due to the maximum time they are watching television. Some serials affecting our minds which create frustration and then it also cause health issues.
  4. Less educational programs: We have ample of thing which entertain us, but this is not the actual required.

Should watch and also make our children watch education things which boost them towards good things and good habits. But television not having much of those things.

Conclusion on this is we cannot avoid watching television but at least we can try to involve in the other things which are good and healthy for us.

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