Essay On Teacher For Students & Children In Simple English

The teachers are also the most important person who plays an important role in our life by shaping our life and to provide discipline, knowledge and by improving the skills of every student in life.

Teacher can be said as the treasure of knowledge as a great source of knowledge through which we can get to learn everything as they provide the knowledge to their children and students which are beneficial for their whole life.

A Teacher is a combination of all the things as she maintains the classroom while the teacher gives knowledge and education to the students help students in everything and many more a teacher can do.

After parents teacher can be said as the best gift from God to us. There are teachers present in every field of our life as the different teacher will have a different style of teaching as some give knowledge some provide into play games and sports some give life lessons and this all things helps us to achieve our goals in life.

An Ideal Teacher

When a teacher is good in all the qualities of teaching and handling the students and there also some teachers who are a friends with their student as the students can directly ask anything to their teachers and are friendly with the students and by all these qualities a teacher becomes an ideal teacher in the eyes of the students.

As every student could have the different ideal teacher as there many teachers and every student have different types of teachers as there favorite as the style of their teachings are very much different and students decide their favorite teacher and their ideal teacher.

As also there are many teachers in school or in the colleges that become the favorite teacher of all of the students because of their creative teaching style as they always keep attention on every student and help to solve their difficult problems.

The teacher understands the problem of the students and gives the solution to deal with it. The best teacher also provides the best model for the future generation.

The teacher always teaches us the positive attitude towards the life and also to be a good person and these all things are very much important for our life.

Teachers Day

Teaching calling on student in classroom

Teacher day is the celebration which is done for the appreciation of our teacher and to honor them for doing a special contribution in our life to make our lives success teacher does many things and to give them as a return gift we students celebrate teachers day and to honor them.

Teachers day is celebrated on 5th September every year and it is the birthday of the great teacher dr sarvepalli Radhakrishnan as it is his birthday and to give honor to him teachers day is celebrated on his birthday.

In this special occasion of teachers day many students give gifts to their teaches, there are many teachers who are favorite to the students and ideal teacher who has given them knowledge and their life lessons to the students and the student give them gifts and celebrate this teacher day with their teachers.

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