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Teachers in India, teachers are very much respected and they are supposed to be next to God. Because God has given us this life but teachers are giving us the reason to live this life and even make us capable of living this life in peace and happiness.

First Day of Teacher

Every teacher has a first day of school in their life that is the day when she or he goes to school and start their career as a teacher and no one knows what is going to come in his or her future as being a teacher but they are happy to just be in this profession. Because they have understand that it is far better to share knowledge rather it keep with you.

They eagerly wait to share their knowledge with other students and to communicate with them. Every teacher makes their all possible chances to communicate with the students, well sometimes it does not goes well and sometimes it goes superb but teachers never stop they’re doing best every day they come with a new energy and happiness for the students.

A Teacher After Becoming a Mother

Being a teacher is a happiness which every woman feels proud off because they are special for all the students in their classroom but after a teacher becomes a mother she needs to give a break to her lovable profession of teaching just to make sure that she can fulfil all the responsibilities of a mother.

But as we all know teachers are never taking rest, they just wait to get well again and come back to the school for making the students feel happy again. Every teacher needs to be respected because she’s the one who is managing everything in her life just for the students or the profession she loves to do.

Last Day of The School

Well every teacher have to face this situation in their life. They cannot forget the first day of the school when they were totally a fresh person to get the experience of teaching and the day they are going to get their retirement and there was nothing between this.

There were so many students who came and went with the guidance of the teacher and the student still love the teacher, they always respect them and make sure that all the teachers are well.

But the day when the teacher gets retired it is the worst day of any teachers life it is a kind of feeling which no one can explain, the feeling of getting greeted by the students making sure that all the students are doing well in their exams and speak to their parents for focusing on their children’s daily routine and many more things.

As being a teacher or teacher it will be an ordinary day tomorrow there will be nothing change apart from that they are going from the school for ever and tomorrow’s day is just like the ordinary day of the life but without the school and the children’s in it.

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