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Swachh Bharat means clean India. Every country should be clean and as being the second most populated country in the world India should be a very clean country according to it. So let’s see what actually swatch a Bharat means is.

Olden Days

If we talk about the olden days of India, India was one of the cleanest country and a very greenery place which can make it different from others but after few decades when the human beings started exploring their ideas and started polluting the country even the swatchh Bharat was becoming dirty.

After all the pollution and the wastage like plastic bags and POP models and many more things which are creating a mess in the Swatch Bharat plan. If we talk about this, the most important wastage we can find that they are should be unused products.

And Problems of Plastic Bag

In olden days there were no plastic bags to carry on to supply things get wet so that people used to make handbags and use them. It was a reusable product and because of this the cities were also clean.

But after few years’ people started using plastic bags well it was a cheap products compare to the bags which were made by the clothes but today this plastic bags are making the disaster in India. Plastic bags are not usable and even the people throw these plastic bag anywhere which is making the swatch a Bharat into a mess.

Step Taken by The Government Swachh Bharat

Government has banned this plastic bag but still people are not so comfortable with this rule and still use the plastic bag on their own.

But government has started taking some strict action against it for example government has charge for this plastic bags and make sure that it is shown to everyone that if you use this plastic bags you have to pay a heavy amount of fine for it.

Pollution Because of POP

Now if we talk about POP which is also known as plaster of Paris. Things are made of this POP be like flower vase or any other product which is a note made for reuse.

People throw this things into water and even make the beaches and clean just because of their entertainment they are destroying the beautiful beaches which we have in our country.

Schools to Swatchh Bharat

Now a day’s even school has started teaching students about the cleanliness of our country. They make sure that they teach students about the cleanliness and make them a well-mannered man or a woman who is responsible for their Society.

Schools have started taking part in any kind of activity related to cleanliness because participating in this activity makes the student understand how much it is important to keep your society clean. Once students are understandable that the importance of cleaning your society they will also apply in their own lifestyle.

Studying in the school they will always make sure that in future also they give the same education to their children’s and keep our society more clean.

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