Essay On Swachh Bharat Abhiyan For Students & Children In Simple English

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a mission that is organized by the government of our India on 2nd October 2014 by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

It is a great initiative that has been organised by the government as it aims to clean our India all the states and localities and many of the areas and mostly focusing on the ruler areas of our country to be cleaned and it also solve the problems of the sanitary as there are many people who do open defecation and because of this it creates a dirt all over the area of India and to solve these problems there are many sanitation toilet that are being made by the government of India.

Mostly the problem of open defecation is done in the rural areas, and so because of this, the rural areas of our country are focused more to be cleared if this areas would be cleaned and are made like urban areas so there would be great progress in the development of our country.

Helping Hands In This Abhiyan

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi started this campaign, he elected nine members such as celebrities and sports personalities and many as an employee from every state to promote this camp in every area of our country.

Many celebrities and sportspersons joined this campaign and started to promote this campaign overall. Not only they started to promote but also they himself started to clean the local area so by these many people could get inspired and also keep their area clean.

Many brand ambassadors were elected by Narendra Modi to promote this camp and because of the all things this swachh Bharat Abhiyan is spread all over the country, and people are practicing to keep their country clean.

Many institutes are being organized, and also there are Marathon that happens for the spread of the Awareness of cleanliness all over India. Many advertisements and many things that have been taken by our government to keep our country clean.

Changes Due To This Mission

When all the people come together for the support of the mission, there are many changes and outcomes that India has faced, and it has been developed as well as many companies supported the construction of the toilets and over the budget of 600 billion rupees are expected for the construction.

Many garbage collection vans are introduced in many of the cities to collect the garbage from all the peoples home as people cannot spread the garbage anywhere in the locality many transportations has been made to collect the garbage in the beaches and many of the localities.

Till 2017 it has cover about all the problems and the sanitation problem has been covered and it has 80% done many open defecation problems are being solved in the villages because of this mission the development of India from all the localities and in the rural areas is being done properly and there would be a great development of our country India in the future and as our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pledged that to clean our India till 2nd October 2019 as the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and from then our India would be a cleaned Nation, and by this the mission of swachh Bharat Abhiyan would get completed.

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