Summer Essay For Students & Children In Simple English


Summer is a season in which the heat on the earth increases due to the shortening of the distance between the sun and the earth. For some people summer is a bad season because they hate the heart season and they don’t like to move out of that house rather than they start the air conditioner in the house and sit at their home but there are some people who love the summer as they are summer vacations available during the summer season and visit various places and also goes to various swimming pools to swim.

In the summer season, the days are longer and the nights are shorter due to which there is a pleasant environment and use energy in the people. But in the summer season it is very hard to live in the house is there is no air conditioner because the hot humid has are flowing in our house and also our house gets heated up due to the summer season as there is a lot of heat around Earth due to which we cannot take a nice sleep as we feel hot during full night.


It is very hard to live in a summer season as the whole day your body is warming up due to the surrounding and also due to the sun rays. The Rays of the Sun are stronger during the summer season and also it cause I use tan on the human body when they stay out of their house in the sunshine for more time.

People spend the whole day in the summer bye bye diverting their mind to areas places and doing various things during the day but the lights are very miserable in the summer days and in some places the electricity also goes during the day of Summer which makes the night very horrible as you can’t even get sleep as you are writing on your bed.

There is also the various effect on the price of various cooling devices like the prices of air conditioners and air coolers touch the sky when summer comes and they are also very rare during the summer.


There are various advantages of the summer season as it is hot everything gets dry in summer hence it is very easy to draw our clothes outside the house and also there is not a small drop of water on your clothes which does not produce is resistive body rather than they are very comfortable to wear.

During the summer season, most of the fruits are available and most famous fruit the mango is found on a large scale as the season of Summer is a season of mangoes in which the mangoes are ripened on the tree on a large scale.

And it is the only season in which you get various fruits and also various crops. In the summer season not only humans are satisfied but the environment is also satisfied by the sun rays because the sun rays are available in a huge amount to the plants by which they prepare various food for them.

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