Essay On Stress For Students & Children In Simple English

Stress is a thing which is very much common in today’s life as every people in this today’s world have stress as it is very much harmful to the people who takes the stress.

Stress can be very much harmful such as by the memory problems aches and pains eating more or less or it is a normal physically problem that happened when we feel threatened or upset.

About every people have some kind of stress or something in them as a child has the stress of studies when the man goes to the office he has the stress of the office work and completing his work on the time so every people have stress in some of the things.

As stress is very much harmful to men but it is also used sometimes as it helps the people to stay focused and energetic. But while taking more and more stress about something it could be harmful and can cause damage to the health of the people.

Health Effects Due To Stress

When a person body take more and more stress and because of this stress the person can get affected and because of this he might get depressed in some situation and because of this there would be many problems in his internal body organs because of the stress their heartbeat can increase there would be more problem of heart attack and because of this people should not take stress at a high level.

Not only stress is taken by the persons who go to the office but stress can be taken by the students as well as in the student’s life they face major difficulties for learning and training institutions as the school classwork assignments may cause effects on students and because of this, the student takes the pressure.

The stress of the students should be addressed early if it is not it could have serious harmful effects for them and they should be able to deal with the stress.

There are so many causes of the students as there is lack of the time management for the student and giving many assignments and works at one time and also the examination can cause the problems in the life of students and they become the victim of stress.

There are some students who are less in the scoring mark and their family is expecting a more grade by them because of all this the student takes the pressure of the examination and because of this he gets stress sometimes negative thoughts come into his mind. Our mind should never be in stress as it can destroy the life of any people.

Stress Relief Techniques

There are some stress relief techniques for all the people who take more tension of their life and to release pressure at the time of the stress people should take little nap at that time to free his mind.

They should do exercises when they feel stress as exercise is a good medicine for people to relieve their stress.

Music is also a good and powerful technique to deal with this stress. They are many tough situations in the life that come in every people life and people should be able to face it and never be in stress as because of this stress it can cause their life as well.

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