Spirit Of Unity Essay For Students & Children In Simple English


There is a huge spirit of Unity has it has a power-up doing the impossible thing in the world, and it also gives power to the people of doing various things, It is seen that people are mostly found in unity, and people found a living and normal life while people living in unity had a good like as there is everyone to help each other and they also take care of each other. Unity is a thing in which everyone comes together and stay with each other.

There is huge power in unity is anything can be done in unity and also people love to stay in evening tea as it gives them and also give them a power of going anywhere in unity. There is huge power in unity as it makes the whole group to face any problem and also help each other in various situations.

The power of unity is growing generation by generation, but there are some people who love to live alone and don’t like to go in unity. The people who leave lonely life a miserable life as they don’t have anyone to share things and also share the doubts which make the life boring.


There are various to represent on sharing the spirit of Unity, but one of the famous stories about the spirit of unity is the farmer and his four sons. There was a farmer who used to do farming, and after him, he had his four sons.

One day farmer becomes older, and he tells his force to do the work in the farm but everyone was doing their own or and not helping each other and also wish to take a lot of time, and also people used to disturb them by throwing garbage in the farm, but they don’t use to clean it like this you think that it’s the work of anyone else in four of them.

Vande, the father, came to know about it and he thought of teaching a lesson to them about the spirit of Unity, so he called everyone together and gave 11 wooden stick to each of them and told them to break the wooden stick, everyone broke the wooden stick easily as it was only one.

Later on, the farmer gave them a bunch of stick and told them to break, but none of them was able to break the bunch of sticks as they were in the huge group and more strength was needed to break them.

After that the former told them about the unity and also the power of Unity he said that if you be alone than everyone will miss use you and can break your life but if you come in unity that is in a group no one can break your whole group and cannot miss use you, so it is very necessary to be in unity.


There is a huge importance of the spirit of unity and the spirit of Unity should be present in everyone which will help in the development of that individual and also the development of the country.

Any hard work and beaten with team work as interworking every one poster effort in completing the work and in unity everyone comes together and can do anything.

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