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A pleasant morning to one and all present here today I am here to say you the importance of the youth and giving them the proper guidance and the proper education to make out the bright colors for the country so today we are gathered here for this purpose.

Proper Guidance And The Education For The Youth

The society is full of all religions, caste, color and the behavior of the people as it is the bunch of the flowers in which there are all the flowers color and different species of flower in the same bunch there is no partiality in it, so we should teach the youth that the all the people in our country are one only, only the good things should be taught to the next generation them to boost their mind in the proper way.

If the children are going in the wrong way than the parents should take care that they should provide the proper direction to their children, and the better education should be given this will help to come up there dream, and they are the one who will have to support their nation after their studies, and they are the precious stone of the country.

Parents should behave properly whenever children are in front of you; the proper guidance will help them to upgrade there all qualities like the parents.

Government Problems

If the government and the people who are taking the initiative in the government programs should also act properly because if they are corrupt then the hand is then going to the youth of the country only this will also make the negative impact on the youth this affect the behavior of the youth and this will lead the country in the back word position due to the corruption in the country.

The Shaping Of The Students

For shaping the mud articles there is the need of the artist the same way to shape the children or the youth of the country all the parents, mentors, teacher are been required for shaping the children in the right direction and in the perfect way, the future of the children is in the hand of the parents they can only make them think in the proper and in an efficient manner because if the students make a mistake than the parents should beat or scold them saying nothing to them will make the issue, but always the parents should not scold them they should show the love towards them and also say the importance of being the successful person in the life.

So all the parents sitting here should channelize the strength of your child and never make the bad usage, make the efficient usage of the youth because they have the strength which can make feel proud to the nation, as the youth of the nation are the strength of the nation by being the doctor, engineer, teacher, actor and theĀ  people who never make the use of the wrong path in their life.

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Updated: February 1, 2019 — 11:51 am

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