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Good morning to one and all present here today I am here to speak few words based on the population which are the trend of the country, and because of the population only there is the name of the country in the 2nd position in population, there is an increase in the population level today as there is the increase in the birth rate and the decrease in the birth rate of the country and before that the death rate was more and the birth rate less, but today the world is in the changes that there arises the problem due to the increase in the population and there is the problem due to the decrease in the population.

And the world population day is celebrated on 11th July in the country worldwide.

The Problem Of The Population  

Eventually the population should be very much secreted because today there are very problem like the diseases due to which there is a lot of the death rate in population, and this is only due to the pollution made by the people living in the country and then there is pollution due to which the diseases like cancer, brain tumor, sugar problem and many more and this is the main issue that the population is decreasing, population is very important for the country because if there is a population than only there will be the proper cycle of all the materials, goods, etc.

There are many of the issues on the part of the decreasing of the population, and this is because of the various disease and due to the health problem in the whole country, the population should be the balance because the excess of the population will always create the problem to the country like there will be the overcrowding in the country, unemployment problem, poverty will be rising due to the overpopulation and due to the migration of the country, as on the world population day in India the people are gathered by the big NGOs and there is the instruction of the population and the importance of the population of the country and then the use of the country.

As there should be safeguard of the population and the family should also take care about their family members , because some of the rural regions also practice the importance of the boy child, and then they kill the girl child as they think that the girl child is the load for the family and then there should be the equal importance of the girl and the boy child and there is the less population of the girls and the women in the country, life and the family in some of the part of the country are very much evil because they are taking the girl child to the bad path, and they make the abortion of the girl child they are killed before they are coming to the world, so there is the decrease in the population of the country due to the not equal treatment of the girls.

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Updated: February 5, 2019 — 9:14 am

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