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Good morning to one and all present here, respected sir, madam, teacher and all my dear friends today I am here to speak few words based on the topic given to me that is World heritage day.

Our country is cover with full of the culture, tradition and the value of the people, so one day is selected to make the importance of this all culture on 18 April as World Heritage Day.

There is the importance to respect the pride of the nation. Now the coming generation is forgetting the culture of India, and they are busy in their world.

So this day reflects the people to come together and then it helps to understand the importance of this day.

It spread the awareness towards the people to inculcate the value. If the people support to celebrate this day, then this will be helpful to all the citizen of our country.

Importance Of World Heritage Day    

In India, there are total 35 world heritage sites from that 27 cultural, seven natural and one mixed sites.

Today it has become important that we have to save the site which as the importance.

They are in danger due to the tourism place and the people visit more, and then they make some problem to that place.

The ICOMOS authorities as suggested some of the ideas celebrate this day globally:

  • Make the people attract the monuments and allow the restoration works may be free for all
  • Some people are today also not aware of the site to make to know them they are publishing the articles, magazines and also by the radio and the television.
  • To preserve the cultural heritage hang the banners in the place where the people visit more.
  • Programs should be associated in a public place where people would also join the same.
  • Select someplace and then organize the exhibition through the painting, photos.

This day should be celebrated grandly because this will help to know the value of the heritage site in our country.

There are many places in the world which have the great importance in the history like the Taj Mahal, The great wall of China, Agra Fort and many more, some of the ways directly or indirectly we contribute towards the maintenance of the site.

Some of the people come to look at the site but they litter the garbage here and there this make the site to look ugly.

There are some of the places where people like to go again and again; some are in danger as they are degrading slowly this will affect the country economic and the history of India.

So I request you all the people sitting here that teach your children to protect the heritage as much as you can and make the pride of the country.

And if you visit there so do not litter in this beautiful place. And spread the positive influence towards the society.

I am thanking you.

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Updated: January 31, 2019 — 10:14 am

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