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Good morning to one and all present here. I am here to speak a few words based on the world Health day which is today that is 7th April this day we also know WHO. Has we all know that “Health is more Important than wealth” or we can say “Health is Wealth.”

If the person is very rich, but he has many types of the disease in the body than there is no use of his wealth. This day is celebrated throughout the world.

I always wish that God should give good health than wealth, especially of the children.

Now a day there are the new viruses spread throughout the world which we can’t imagine this type of diseases is spread, so I wish that take care of your health properly.

Formation Of World Health Day

To create an awareness based on the health. The United nation started the celebration of world health day from 1950.

Local events are conducted to make awareness based on the health. Different themes are selected to make the events more meaningful.

Many of the health campaigns are conducted on this day as free.

Many governments and non- government also participate in this world health organization. Today globally this day is celebrated for the people welfare.

Importance Of World Health Day

In India, we can observe that there are many people who do not have proper nutrition and therefore we can see many malnutrition babies and the children also in the rural part of India.

A person should as the perfect knowledge based on the food that is its Quantity, Quality, date, etc. Food safety is the symbol of good health.

Resources should be used properly and should make the proper use of it. We should understand the proper importance of it will result in a great outcome.

Celebration In Schools And Colleges

There should be given the perfect knowledge based on this world health day to the students.

Students now become very advanced, and the schools are performing various activities based on this day.

  • Slogans writings by the children.
  • Speech on world health day and essay writing.
  • Health inspection during the morning assembly.
  • Debates on various health issues.

Awareness On World Health Day

Today people are busy with their daily routine. They never take care of their health and daily diet.

Because of which the health problem occurs. If you think that you are not feeling well so we should first prescribe the doctor.

If the person loses all the hopes, confidence and the faith of living his life than there is no doctor in such condition so in this cases cure is done by mental support and counseling.

A person can overcome his depression by sharing with his friend family and the relatives who can help them to leave a normal life.

We should support this type of people this can help them to leave life properly.

You and I can also bare some of this problem so to cure that we should not always be in the depression we should sort out the problems such as this.

So I wish all the people are sitting here for the good health to exercise and keep the health in good condition.

I am thanking you.

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Updated: January 31, 2019 — 10:03 am

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