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Good evening to one and all present here to all the parents and all my friends. Firstly I thank all the parents present on this auspicious occasion of the gathering party after the result of the 12th board examination.

Seeing the score of mine, I was really happy, and my parents were happy than me.

Making them feel proud is the first responsibility of every student. I owe this success to my parents who taught me the value of the time.

From the time of the school life towards the college life our parents, our teacher guided us to value the importance of the time that is of every second.

Friends, time is the most valuable thing in our life and if you destroy it, then time will destroy you.

Every second of our life is very important we should not ignore it. Hard work is the first step towards our success; this will be only possible if we will value the importance of time.

Time is the most powerful of all, and if you use it wisely only, then success will touch your feet.

As we all know that time never waits for us we have to walk according to it; there is one proverb that is “Time and tide wait for none.”

During the studies also there should be perfect time management, according to which we have to control the work.

Every subject of the syllabus should give the perfect importance it is our duty.

Only for the studies time is not important but also for the other activities the time should be managed. Negligence of the time will be very heavy for the future.

Once the time goes waste from our hand, then it will never come back, or we can’t blame the time it is our ignorance towards the time.

If you conquer time, then everything is possible to make the wise use of the time and we should not always run behind the percentage we should take as much as knowledge from our elder.

Knowledge is more important than the percentage. Ultimately time is measured.

I decided to value the time and started following a proper timetable I realized that there are some of the changes in my studies.

I started enjoying my life as a whole. What is there today will never be the same tomorrow so make the most use of it.

I hope that my all friends are listening and those who never took the time seriously so, please start following it and make the more use of the time then time will take towards the success.

I think that u will take your life towards the right direction by utilizing the time in the perfect manner. So let not this time slip away from your hand for nothing and make wise use of it.

So lastly I thank all my teachers and also my mentors who gave me the opportunity to speak about the valuable time. I hope that my friends will use the technique provided by me.

Thanking you

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Updated: February 1, 2019 — 11:53 am

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