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What Is Thermal Pollution?

People are only aware of pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, rather than that our mind will never divert towards the thermal pollution.

Thermal pollution occurs when there is a sudden change in the temperature of the water bodies.

The industry uses the water and then cool it or then heat it and then it is released to the water bodies this affects the aquatic animals in the seas, river, lakes, oceans.

Causes Of Thermal Power

  • Many of the big industries, factories make the supply of the water to the factory to cool up the big machines and the technology, and after cooling it, the water is thrown back to the source which increases the thermal pollution the water resources. When the water is mixed than this polluted water makes the life of the animals short underwater. This destroys the named soil causes the water bodies to raise their temperature, this effect the natural biomes in the water bodies. So the soil erosion is another major problem which causes the thermal pollution
  • Greenhouse gases are emitted more due to there is the problem of the deforestation, in every water bodies there are the trees everywhere so this help to reduce the sunlight to fall on the lakes because the sunlight is very harmful as the temperature of the water rises which lead to the thermal pollution.
  • When the discharged is thrown to the surface water, this will make the water to get warmer this is also the bad effect on the thermal pollution.
  • Natural disasters such as the volcanoes erupt, and the rain with the thunder and the lightning also causes the heat to the water bodies. That means that the overall temperature will raise the heat of the water bodies.

Effect Of The Thermal Pollution

 There causes a various effect to the environment and the animals and also to the humans due to the thermal pollution.

Some lean is caused due to the industries and the factory which release the water from the factory which adversely affects the ecosystem.

  • Reduction in the DO in the water due to the water get warmer; there is a decrease in the dissolved oxygen which can lead to the suffocation of the aquatic animals under the water. There also causes the death of the animals which reduces the ecosystem.
  • Increase in the toxic is due to the industrial waste and due to the chemicals from the factory mix into the water this effect the most to the ecology species under the water, this toxic substance make the water warmer due to which the animals and the plants can’t i9nhale the proper oxygen which leads to the dead.
  • Loss of the Biodiversity due to the harmful chemicals supplied to the water bodies in which there are a lot of species which have reduced there number into the small quantity, this is because the water gets warmer than its normal make the imbalance ecology.

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Updated: January 31, 2019 — 11:01 am

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