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Good morning to one and all present here. Today I am here to speak few words on the uses and the effect of the technology on the generation. As India is a developing country so the new technology should be adopted by the country.

We use technology every day and everywhere to fulfill particular duties or our specific interests. The technology helps us in numerous ways from morning till evening.

People from all the age groups benefit from technology until and unless they know how to access the same.

But one must never forget that anything that comes to us has its share of pros and cons.

Advantages Of The Technology

Technology has more usefulness in day to day life of the. Technology has made communication much easier than ever before by the introduction of advanced and modified innovations of phones and applications.

Not only in the professional world but also the household sphere, technology has contributed a lot.

Most of the technology that we have around us is automatic as compared to the ones our parents had in their days.

In the entertainment sector, we have more techniques to provide the audience with real-time experience.

Disadvantages Of Technology

Despite all these advantages, there are some disadvantages as well, which have negatively affected the importance of technology. The biggest problem that has been witnessed is unemployment.

Due to the over practice and much involvement of technology, the machinery has replaced human labor leading to unemployment in so many sectors.

Certain physiological research teams have also proved that due to the presence of social applications like WhatsappFacebook, and Twitter, etc. the actual social isolation has increased leading to depression and increased loneliness cases amongst the youngsters.

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The increased dependency of humans on technology has even deteriorated the intelligence and creativity of children.

The science and technology as more important in today world but if the people use it negatively, then there arises the negativity of the technology.

But one thing we must not forget is that all the innovations are made to help us, not to make us the victim of the technological world.

Now that we have quick and easy access to the vast reservoir of knowledge through the internet, we should make good use of it to solve the problems that we have around the world.

In the past where a letter used to take many days to reach a destination, like money order, personal letter or a greeting card, now they can be sent within a few minutes.

Money can be transferred online through your mobile phone and greeting card can be mailed.

This is what is called technology, and its advantages cannot be simply summed up on fingertips.

At last, I would only say that it depends on us how much we choose to be dependent on technology because there is nothing in the world which comes easy it’s our conscience which decides what we learn from the things that are provided to us.

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Updated: May 7, 2020 — 4:16 pm

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