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Good morning to one and all present here respected sir, madam, teacher, and all my dear friends today I am here to speak few words based on topic respect, respect to the country and the people of the country very much important this will raise the respect to you also.

All the citizens of the country should always look upon that they should respect the all religion and all the caste people as we all know that the unity is the strength of the country we should be stuck in all the mind of the people which is very much important.

Inculcating The Value In Children    

From the birth of the child only the value of the respect should be set in the mind of the children like the all the religious people are one only there is no difference among the people in the country, all the culture should be taught to the children, respect for the elder people the person may be of any case there should be respect for the person and the behavior of the person is the greatest asset of the life.

Only the education is not important for the children that are given in the school rather than that the parents should teach the behavior to their children from the childhood only this will help them to inculcate the good values in them.

As today the life is race and in this race we don’t know that how to respect the elder as the parents are very busy in their work to get the education for their children, it is very important that the parents should always take the atmosphere to the respectful site rather than that the children look their parents and get the knowledge about anything so the parents must take care that they should always take care about the children if they are beside them.

What Should Be Respected?     

The elder people and the grandparents should be respected as much as can because this will show your good personality in your children if they are inculcated with good values only it is very much important, all the religious people and the respect for their culture, language, festivals, traditions all should be respected and if we disrespect then our children would also do the same as us which will make the coming generation they will not follow the unity and the country will always be underdeveloped.

All the people of the country and their culture should be followed, and first, they should be respected.

Today the world is changed because there is no respect to the elder people and also to the parents, during the earlier stage there was there was the respect given to the elder people by the youngsters and today it as totally change the generation to speak it take 2 years but to talk the bad words it take few seconds so we should think that it is very important that the children should be in a good company and they should be thought to give respect to all the people in the surroundings.

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Updated: February 4, 2019 — 2:58 pm

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