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Good morning to one and all present here, today I am here to speak words based on the political system of our India.

Politics is that mud river if we put our leg then it will pull our whole body to the mud of the corruption yes I am talking about the Indian politics.

The political leader plays the game in their mind that how should they put the public money towards their pocket.

In India, it is the only country where anyone can stand for the election, and simply they can keep their opinion till the election then after winning the election they forgot their promises.

The Middlemen While Transferring The Money

If the government start any of the programs for the public and then if they donate the money to the public the money fully never reach the public hand it is eaten by every level of the politics people they are the national level, state level, district level than the panchayat level so coming till the public hand many of the money is kept in the pocket of this all the people.

The politics game is only played by the government of our country.

Our country is till now developing because of this politics that who can also stand here so if one of the parties is making good to the nation then there is the opposition party who never want them to do some of the good things. So they make the issue in the media level.

What Does The Politics Mean?

The real meaning of politics is that aiming or improving the status of someone or increasing the power of the organization.

People who are elected by the government should work for the betterment of the people in their region, but the politicians of today they always see to eat the money of the public given by the central government of the country.

People become selfish after entering the politics they first say the public that they will do good for all the public, but after they are elected, then they see their own individual goals.

There are some of the people who do the good work for the public, but they do not get that status in politics.


In other country living India the politics is owned and managed by only one person known as the president he only takes all the decision for the country people, but in India in one state their consist many of the politicians for the public more than the public there are the politicians more in the state.

Some of the people play politics so this impact of the negative effect on the country.

And lastly, we need to think deeply that if they are not right then, we should never support them if they give the money to put the vote to that party we should not support them till we are there we should take the path of the righteousness and also the way of the morality.

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Updated: February 1, 2019 — 11:54 am

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